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The trunks of the old - occasionally several-hundred-year old - chestnut trees, growing in parklands or scattered around, are valuable woods. At modern plantations, however, such amounts and quality of chestnut wood cannot be expected. Due to a focus on increasing the fruit yield, those trees have significantly shorter trunks and logs. At plantations, the weeding out of the trees is expected at a younger age; therefore, the girths of the logs are smaller, too.
Even then, however, the chestnut tree - like the oak tree – lives a long life due to its high levels of tannic acid. The most profitable use of chestnut wood is the extraction of tannic acid for the leather-tanning industry. What remains of the logs can also be used for cellulose-, ethanol-, or paper-making. A quintal of a chestnut tree contains the following materials:
  • 13 kg of tannic acid
  • 27-30 kg of cellulose
  • 18-19 kg of pentozan
  • 6,6-10,8 kg of lignin
  • 40 dekagrams (dkg) of a variety of fats
  • 35 dkg of calcium-oxid, 4 dkg of potassium-oxid, 4,2 grams of phosphoranhydrid remain in 70 dkg of ashes.

Chestnut logs can also be used in a variety of ways as rig timber, but they are primarily used for high-humidity rooms; in addition, the longest-lasting and largest wine barrels, as well as other cellar equipments, are also made of chestnut wood.
Chestnut wood can also be used for roofing, counters, or outside doors and gates. For charcoal and firewood, however, other types of trees are more suitable. Its calorie level is 3174, which is lower than that of the oak tree or the beech tree. Those chestnut trees, of which sizes are not appropriate for rig timber, can be used for pole- or picket-making. The durability of support equipments made of chestnut wood is greater than that of equipments made of other sorts of wood.

Source: Szentiványi, Péter, Dr. - Chestnut - Agricultural Publisher -
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