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Our business is a food industrial company, owned entirely by Hungarians. We have been manufacturing our products on an industrial scale since 1993 (and since 1998, as Sarkpont Ltd. and Cc).

Our main business comes from the production of fast-frozen chestnut mass and puree, but we are also engaged in the manufacturing and sales of a variety of chestnut products, preserved through temperature (heat) treatment.

All of our products are manufactured in our very own factory, and stored in our cold storage facility in the City of Kadarkút. Every fall – during the chestnut-processing season – our facilities provide employment for up to 55 local residents.

Our continuous development of the manufacturing process, computerized technology, and the implementation of the HACCP system ensure that our company always provides our partners with continuously high-quality goods in each product category.

Our company’s position in the domestic market is considerable: with the cooperation of our logistical partners, our products safely reach
  • Hyper- and supermarket franchises
  • End-users as raw materials (Hipp Ltd. – a pioneer in baby food making)
  • Pastry shops and their suppliers
  • Gastronomical companies too,
and through the above partners, different consumer groups.

The events of the past decade serve as proof of the greater attention Hungarian consumers pay to the improvements of their health. As a result, we also concentrate a large part of our resources on the development of premium-category and certified organic products, which are able to satisfy the needs of an ever-growing group of health-conscious consumers. Our increasing range of product types is developed - and already being manufactured - with health-conscious consumers in mind: our goal is to provide such consumers with a scale of choices that accomodates their needs.

Our factory and products are continuously examined and tested by internationally accredited research institutions and laboratories, among which are:
  • Dr. E. Wessling Chemical Laboratory Ltd.
  • Biokontroll Hungária Ltd.
  • Campden and Chorleywood Food Research Association Group
  • SGS Hungária Ltd.
  • Animal Hygiene and Food Inspection Agency
The owners’ and the management’s business strategy is to satisfy the ever-changing and -growing health needs of a variety of consumer groups as much as possible.

„Our high expectations toward ourselves, and our long-term, innovative thinking – among other factors – helped our small business grow into a dynamically developing company over the years…”

Mr. Károly Egyed - President CEO -
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