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Please allow me to assist you with your choice of chestnut products, thereby providing you with an introduction to our large repertoire of goods.

If you wish to use chestnuts for desserts, cakes or creams, I recommend our fast-frozen

With regards to their components, the Traditional and Classic Chestnut Purees are identical, but there is a significant difference between their raw materials: the Classic Chestnut Puree is made of assorted, first-class ingredients with a special technology.

If you have high quality expectations and do not believe in artificially flavored delicacies (you prefer natural flavors), then I would recommend you our Organic Chestnut Puree. If you, on the other hand, like traditional tastes, then I suggest you try our Classic Chestnut Puree.

Neither one of our Plain products contains added sugar or other aggregates, and they can be used for the flavoring of any foods or the stuffing of any types of meat:

With regards to their ingredients and quality, the Plain Chestnut Mass and the Tesco Fitt Plain are identical, while the Chestnut Rice is pre-prepared, i.e. it is not necessary to be mashed, and it defrosts fast; in other words, it is a ready-made product.

I hope I was able to make your choice a bit easier; after all, the secrets of tasty meals are their excellent and high quality ingredients. Have a good time cooking and baking, and enjoy your delicious meal!

Mr. Károly Egyed - President CEO -
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