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In order to make it easy on all of our Customers to find the products – be them chestnut mass or other, non-traditional foods – which best suit their tastes and purposes, we categorized them according to their levels of quality.The above products are exclusively manufactured by using fresh, hulled, certified organic, first-class sweet chestnuts as raw materials. We strictly adhere to all standards during the acquisition, storage, and manufacturing process. It is our utmost goal that our organic products preserve their original chestnut flavor; therefore, they either contain no additives at all, e.g. organic plain chestnut mass, or contain only organic cane sugar as additives, e.g. organic chestnut puree and cream.

The high quality of our organic products is personally guaranteed by the CEO of the company, Mr. Karoly Egyed, who single-handedly oversees the manufacturing process.
We follow the same strict rules for the acquisition, storage, and processing of our raw materials that we do at the highest level of quality (see above). In addition, the products found at this level of premium product category are also manufactured from fresh, hulled, first-class chestnuts; at this level, however, our raw materials and additives, such as rum and vanilla essences, and beet sugar, do not have organic certification. It is important to note that our products do not contain these additives at high levels, because our goal is to fully preserve the chestnuts’ original flavor. Plain chestnut mass does not contain any added sugars; therefore, it is well-suited for stuffing meats. The manufacturing process is supervised by shift managers. Their raw materials are not first-class quality, and they can be either fresh or frozen sweet chestnuts. Their flavors reflect the traditional flavor of chestnut puree to which people are already accustomed; besides chestnuts, the flavor is also dominated by rum and vanilla essences. The manufacturing process is supervised by shift managers.
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